Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My New Ten Commandments

The Biblical Ten Commandments are worryingly archaic for anybody who pretends to want to live by them in this day and age. Hence I thought they should be revised. I don’t think I (or anybody else) could take myself seriously if I began any sentence with ‘Thou Shalt Not’, and so I express these commandments in 21st century language. Here we go:

Do not condemn the private actions of anybody who is doing nobody else any harm.

Realise that science is the only way we’ve been able to know truth, so do not compromise what it tells you. Personal whim or ‘faith’ is no argument.

Do not lay a finger on a woman or a child.

Realise that values based upon secularism and freedom will trump all others, both morally and intellectually.

Realise that we are just animals living in a web of life. We rely upon nature for our existence and so give it the respect it deserves.

Do not indoctrinate children with any ideology. They have a right to any opinion, even if strongly contradicts yours.

Judge people on their actions and words, not upon their ethnicity or heritage.

Always take responsibility for your actions. You look like an immature coward when you accuse others when you are clearly in the wrong.

Treat others as you wish to be treated. Every human is essentially the same, and so there is nothing special about your desires above somebody else’s.

Do not be late, at least when you're meeting me, and turn off your fucking mobile phone. You have no idea how rude both these are for people who have gone out of their way to be in your company.

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