Sunday, 21 November 2010

Ratzinger: Condoms are OK... in certain circumstances

Finally, the Pope is cracking. As has happened so often in the past, the reasonable people of this world are getting through to the Vatican, and Joseph Ratzinger has legitimised condoms in ‘this or that case’. It is yet another instance when I wonder why this wasn’t ‘revealed’ to the Pope earlier. I’ve gathered that he has a hot line to God – if it’s OK now, why wasn’t it OK in the past? Has God changed his mind? Why, today, does the creator of the universe approve of condoms, albeit in certain instances? If we had been told of this loophole earlier it certainly would’ve stopped Ratzinger becoming the immoral laughing stock he is today. And it probably could’ve prevented many torturous deaths of people who are convinced it’s better to get AIDS than the possibility of burning forever in hell.

I know the Vatican strongly advocates celibacy, which is obviously the best way to prevent AIDS. And I know people don’t really think, “AIDS or hell? I’ll choose AIDS,” but for an establishment that ‘accepts’ evolution, they have a lot of learning to do. We are here because of our sex drive: those who want to have sex the most produce more little babies, which will grow up to have the same subconscious urge for sex. Sex-crazed organisms take over the world, and it is not surprising that every species follows this pattern. It is why we are here, and so, Ratzinger, you won’t stop people from having sex.

But this is what people have been saying for decades.

Condoms are the way forward, and there’s very little reasoning you can do to deny that. You’ve now opened the door to common sense. So I’m just waiting for you to cave in, slowly and surely, to the reasoned voices of the world. As has happened so often in the past.

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